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 Workshop on 
Reliability and Security Data Analysis (RSDA 2013)


Computer systems are intertwined in many modern human activities and, more importantly, they play key roles in critical domains. As such, it is critically important to assess the dependability of computing systems. Data collected under real workload conditions can provide troves of valuable information about the stresses the systems encounter and their responses to them. Relevant data includes text logs and numeric data from application, system, network, and environmental sensors.

The inherent value of reliability and security data is well recognized by practitioners, academia, and industry. Effective analysis deepens our understanding of the systems, ranging from failure causes to the progression of malicious attacks, and in turn enables stronger designs and better monitoring strategies.

Despite of decades of research and methodological advances, data analysis keeps posing challenging research questions due to ever-increasing data variety and scale, and increasing diversity of analysis objectives and application domains.

RSDA aims to establish a forum to stimulate scientific research in this area, including discussion of techniques and tools to manage and analyze reliability and security data. The workshop will also aim to establish the agenda of future research activities in the field of reliability and security data analysis, and foster synergistic collaborations among attendees in those activities.




The workshop addresses the following topics:

  • Data production, management and organization;

  • Data formats and collection;

  • Data filtering and processing;

  • Big data;

  • Reliability and security evaluation and modeling;

  • Monitoring and control;

  • Improving reliability and security through data analysis;

  • Generation of synthetic data sets;

  • Benchmarking techniques to assess reliability and security;

  • Tools for reliability and security data analysis;

  • Advances and challenges in reliability and security data analysis;

  • Analytical and simulation studies;

  • Experiences with real systems.

Relevant application areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Distributed, parallel, clustered and grid systems;

  • Cloud computing infrastructures;

  • Real-time and embedded systems;

  • Database and transactional systems

  • Operating systems;

  • Web-based information;

  • Secure and intrusion tolerant systems.