Workshop program

Workshop Program

09:00 Welcome message

A. Pecchia, Federico II University of Naples


09:10  Keynote Talk

The Role of Data for Safety Critical Systems Development and Validation

N. Silva, Critical Software


09:40 Session I - Security Data Analysis and Modeling

Data Fusion-Based Anomaly Detection in Networked Critical Infrastructures
B. Genge, C. Siaterlis, G. Karopoulos

Investigating DNS Traffic Anomalies for Malicious Activities
F. Yarochkin, V. Kropotov, Y. Huang, S.-Y. Kuo, G.-K. Ni, I.-Y Chen

Scalable Security Analysis in Hierarchical Attack Representation Model using Centrality Measures
J. B. Hong, D. S. Kim


11:15 Session II - Failures and Robustness Analysis

Towards Evaluating the Impact of Data Quality on Service Applications
N. Ivaki, N. Laranjeiro, M. Vieira

Golden-run Alignment for Analysis of Robustness Testing Results: Dealing with Diagnostics Issues
G. Lemos, E. Martins


12:00 Lunch Break


13:30 Session III - Data-Driven Dependability

Automatic Collection of Failure Data from the iOS Platform
M. Cinque, D. Cotroneo, C. R. Dominguez, J. L. Garrido

Storage-Efficient Data Replica Number Computation for Multi-level Priority Data in Distributed Storage System
C. Cai, C. Abad, R. Campbell

Predicting Job Completion Times Using System Logs in Supercomputing Clusters
X. Chen, C -D. Lu, K. Pattabiraman

Reliable Mission Deployment in Vulnerable Distributed Systems
M. Albanese, S. Jajodia, R. Jhawar, V. Piuri


16:00 Session IV -Data-Driven Security

Reducing Service Failures by Failure and Workload aware Load Balancing in SaaS Clouds
A. Roy, R. Ganesan, D. Dash, S. Sarkar

Practical Experiences with Real-world Systems: Security in the World of Reliable and Safe Systems
N. Silva, R. Lopes

Interoperability in Fingerprint Recognition – A Large Scale Empirical Study
L. Lugini, E. Marasco, B. Cukic, I. Gashi


17:00 Concluding Remarks

C. Di Martino, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign